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Buy Cialis 20mg

Buy Cialis 20mg Online – Best Drug for Erectile Dysfunction

Cialis is a drug containing the main ingredient known as tadalafil. It can be said to be the successor of the drug Viagra after the latter was known to be effective in male sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction. It was invented by a company in biotechnology research work- ICOS and later it was marketed by the joint venture between the Eli Lilly and ICOS or ICOS Lilly. You can get pill in four different potencies in the market- 5mg, 10 mg, 15 mg and 20 mg.

These are almond shaped, slightly oval and yellow colored pills. It is also used for the treatment for the pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) which is a rare disorder under name of Adcirca with same chemical ingredient. Cialis 20mg without prescription is also sold online as generic for quite reasonable prices. It is a FDA approved drug and more effective than Viagra or any other drug for the cure of erectile dysfunction and can be easily used with lesser restrictions. The extended description of the drug is as follows:
Why one must use cialis for ED?

Male impotence or erectile dysfunction – in any case when male person can’t produce sufficient erections to perform sexual act.In case of diabetes mellitus where nerves are easily involved and blood circulation is even affected.In bad cholesterol problems, where blood supply is hindered due to formation of the plaque in the arteries.Male impotence arising from stress, everyday tensions and worries, psychological diseases and nervous breakdowns causing improper sexual functioning. Cialis can act best to treat this temporary condition and drug can be stopped when stress subsides and sexual functioning is restored.
Erectile dysfunction caused by hypotension and other circulatory disorders.Better results than Viagra
Approved by FDA and been through extensive trials and clinical studies Lesser side effects longer duration of action up to 36 hours, hence known as the “36 hour pill” Available as cheap cialis 20 mg.

Mechanism – how it works?

Cialis is PDE 5 inhibitor and it belongs to PDE5 inhibitor class of drugs. It works in the similar way as the Viagra and levitra. The cGMP is formed in the smooth muscles of the arterial blood vessels of the penile tissue on sexual excitation. The penis is inflated like a balloon with excess of blood flowing into widened arteries due to this chemical messenger. The enzyme called PDE5 is responsible for the getting the penis back to the flaccid state which done by removing the cGMP from the smooth muscles of the arterial walls.

This enzyme is stopped to act by the drug with its main ingredient tadalafil. As a result, the penile tissue can stay erect for loner time and this ingredient can stay in action for as long as 36 hours but this doesn’t mean that the penis will remain erect for 36 hours. One gets erection only after sexual excitation as it happens normally. If there will be no cGMP there will be no PDE5 and in turn there will be no erection! Hence, sexual excitation remains to be the factor for causing an erection and cialis works by helping the individual to get fuller erection.

It has nothing to do with the time of erection and ejaculation. In some studies it’s known to improve the libido and increase the time of sexual act but there’s no direct mechanism proving its action on sexual drive and time of ejaculation.

Thus, it’s not a medicine for premature ejaculation, lesser or higher sexual drive but it’s used for the treatment of inability to get fuller erections in case there are no or partial erections. In a study it was proved the women are more satisfied with harder penis and feel better orgasms, thus, erections play a key role in satisfying your spouse or your partner. Cialis is a boon for men with ED and it’s the best cure that works for 36 hours at stretch so that you never need to repeat a pill like Viagra.

How to use cialis?

For best results and cheaper price use generic cialis 20 mg from internet, reputed drug store like ours. Take 5 mg to 20 mg dose in 24 hours and don’t repeat the drug unless your doctor prescribes so. You can repeat a 5 mg or 10 mg pill in 24 hours but no need to repeat the 20 mg pill in 36 hours. It will work for such a long duration, thus, it’s quite handy to take it once a 36 hours. Take the drug with plain water and avoid any fruit juices just before or after taking the drug. It must not be taken along with special class of drugs called nitrates. You may take the drug along with meals unlike Viagra that needs to be consumed empty stomach.

Take cialis tablets 20mg just thirty minutes before sexual activity and it will do wonders to your life in the bedroom. Believe us, its far way better than Viagra, well researched and best equipment in the market to satisfy your woman with least side effects like heaviness of the head, slight nausea, blurred vision, and dizziness in first few days of usage. You can get it damn cheaper than the market price. Buy cialis 20 mg no prescription from internet and you can get many deals like free shipping, free pills and discounts on every other purchase from our website.

Buy cialis online and feel like a performer every night. You must avoid alcohol along with the drug but there’s no fixed schedule for repetition, thus, you can use cialis always before having sex with your partner and it’s not compulsory to take every 36 hours. You will feel the results and effectiveness from the very dosage. Wish you a great sexual life and fixed ED treatment with cialis.